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Surveys of Sailing, Motor Yachts, & Commercial vessels Pre-Purchase, Damage, Insurance, MCA Coding to 24m, Ultrasound inspections,

MCA compliance examiners, Tonnage surveyors, Repair & Upgrade Supervision & Consultation, Valuation, Registration Services.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance for your Protection

The professional, qualified and experienced Marine Surveyor exists by his ability to examine the condition of yachts and other vessels in a factual unbiased manner. 

We have been carrying out surveys in the Eastern Med for 26 years, been based in Marmaris for 19 years

Remember that before you pay any more than a deposit on a vessel, you have the right to learn from a qualified expert what its condition may be.  A marine survey of a vessel can be performed for a variety of reasons, the most common of which for yachts are Pre-Purchase Condition Surveys.  The process is as follows:

bullet_red.gif (293 bytes)Contract to Purchase
The normal procedure when purchasing a yacht is for an offer to be made, subject to survey, and a deposit paid. 

bullet_red.gif (293 bytes)Contract with Surveyor
In normal circumstances the prospective purchaser is responsible for selecting and instructing the Surveyor.
Normally all boatyard and other costs in connection with the survey are in addition to the Surveyor's fees and expenses and are the responsibility of the prospective purchaser.

bullet_red.gif (293 bytes)Preparation for Survey
The Surveyor will carry out a detailed examination of the craft as presented and it is in this respect that purchasers can assist the Surveyor and help procure a more complete report by arranging the best possible access to the craft. If the vessel concerned is difficult to examine internally due to the existence of lining, screwed down sole boards, locked areas, etc, then the purchaser should do all that he can to ensure that the boat is `exposed' to the Surveyor's examination as fully as possible.

It is therefore recommended before survey that the boat is hauled out, perhaps linings removed, bolts and fastenings extracted, covers and traps made free to open, etc. 

Purchasers are advised to discuss thoroughly with the Surveyor any particular requirements beforehand.

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The Survey
The Yacht Surveyor's job primarily is to examine and report upon the actual condition of a vessel with particular attention being paid to the condition of the hull structure.  The typical survey can consist of three parts: a static, in water survey, haul out for inspection of the underbody and, a full sea trial if requested. These three aspects of the survey need to be conducted in a particular order, and under conditions favorable to providing the best results. It is important that the buyer and his surveyor control the survey process, not the seller and/or his agents. 

bullet_red.gif (293 bytes) The Survey Report
This will include a detailed description with photographs of the vessels condition, list the defects found in the survey along with general recommendations for repair.

The Report may be used to negotiate the final purchase arrangements

Survey reports issued by our Surveyors are recognized by all leading Insurers and Marine Finance Companies.

bullet_red.gif (293 bytes)Regardless of the reason for the survey, it is important that the inspection be thorough, and that the final report be comprehensive, clear and easy to understand. Nothing can irritate an owner, buyer, agent or banker more than a survey report that is overly complicated or difficult to understand

We can also advise on MCA requirements & Tonnage Measurements to 24M


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Surveys of Sailing and Motor Yachts, Pre-Purchase, Damage, Insurance

Repairs Supervision & Consultation, Valuation, Registration Services.

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