The Information and Guidelines below have been prepared by The Boat Safety Scheme and RYA

These have been made available as a guideline.  Regulations may be updated without notice and countries other that the UK may differ in their requirements.

It is important to check your Flag requirements and insure that all safety requirements are met as required.

The first section is for privately owned, private managed craft. You can download the individual chapters appropriate for your craft. However please take time to read Chapter 1, the introduction as it explains how the Guide is set out and the information it contains is arranged. It also explains what craft are in scope of the BSS requirements. Part 6, in particular, 'portable fire extinguishers' applies to all craft in scope.

The Guide has been produced in full colour, and  include illustrations and photographs. To reproduce these with suitable definition means that some of the files below are up to 300K. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Fixed fuel systems and permanently installed systems 

Chapter 3 - Electrical installations 

Chapter 4 - Electrically propelled vessels 

Chapter 5 - Outboard and portable combustion engines and portable fuel systems  Chapter 6 - Fire extinguishing and escape 

Chapter 7 - LPG installations 

Chapter 8 - Cooking * Equipment  Installation

Chapter 9 - Pollution reduction 

RYA Safety at Sea 

The Guide makes occasional reference to supplementary information files visit for further information.

You can download the Guidelines for hire craft, small passenger boats and small commercial craft in pdf format below.

Part 2 - Inboard Engines

Part 3 - Electrical installations  

Part 4 - Electrically propelled vessels 

Part 5 - Outboard and portable combustion  engines and portable fuel systems

Part 6 - Fire Prevention  Part 7 - LPG installations  

Part 8 - Appliance  Installation 

Part 9 - Pollution reduction  

Part 10 Safety at Sea  



You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to allow you to see the file. This program can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

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